August 21, 2013

Writing about Old Spice and P and G not giving a damn reminded me of Yoplait

More than 30 years ago, when Yoplait first hit the grocery shelves, there was a promotion

It was advertised that there would be numbers on the inside of those metal lids that could be redeemed for prizes

I imagine the company did this to get you to buy a product which was substantially more expensive than its competitors’ products

I bought some and hit the jackpot

Lids with 50 and 100 points

Redeemable for substantial gifts

I followed the instructions

And xeroxed my cover letter and the lids before mailing them off

Yoplait ignored me

I sent a second letter with a copy of the first

Yoplait ignored me

I sent a third and a fourth letter

Yoplait ignored me

This was its strategy from the start

If you’ve ever read the book The Rainmaker, or seen Coppola’s film version, you’ll see a similarity

I gave up

Today I would go to the Arizona Attorney General’s Consumer Fraud Division asking for intervention

I have never bought Yoplait since then

A blue square with the letter j and b in it.