My wife and I retained Jeffrey Blackman, who has more than 45 years experience...

My wife and I retained Jeffrey Blackman, who has more than 45 years experience, for a case in Superior Court. When consulting with him he made everything simple and clear, putting us at ease. He was always in touch with us and kept us informed all the way to the end of my case. The results were very satisfactory to me. I hope that I never need a lawyer again, but if I do it will be Jeffrey Blackman.

Nick C.

Jeffrey was wonderful from the beginning. He listened to me and helped me focus on the important parts of my case. He prepared me for court, but also helped me keep everything in perspective. I highly recommend Jeffrey for his professionalism and straight talk.

Stephanie Lewis

Jeffrey Blackman took me on as a client for an injunction against harassment charge brought against me by a neighbor. The neighbor got the injunction by making false statements in her Petition. From our initial in-person meeting through our two Superior Court sessions, Jeffrey gave my case 150% effort. He is very knowledgeable in land dispute issues in Pima County and Arizona. His “less is more philosophy” works very well for both his clients and constructive time in court. Thank you Jeffrey for representing me so well and getting the erroneous charge dismissed.

Paula N.

I emailed Jeffrey out of a few different attorneys. He reached back very quickly. He has given me extremely useful guidance, advice and consult during a very stressful and time sensitive situation, with no fees, as promised. The amount of time he has taken for me over these few days is above and beyond what I would have expected a “free” consultation to be. To me that speaks to character and is as important as experience and education.

Marc Blascakc

Mr. Blackman was instrumental in helping with our daughter’s case. He was professional and demonstrated great knowledge and experience. He made the process less stressful and expedited a positive outcome. We would highly recommend Mr. Blackman for your legal needs.

Tom B.

I have been trying to put my bad decisions in the past for a long time. I was very sad to find out that my original lawyer had passed before getting a chance to finalize what he had done for me to get me back on track. I met Jeffrey a few years ago and he was amazing to work with and assisted in getting my Felony from 2007 set aside. Just recently I had finally come to a point in my life where I felt I had grown and learned enough about myself as a man and as a good law abiding citizen and decided I wanted to apply to get my right to bear arms back.

Jeffrey was amazing yet again. He quickly got the motion put in and everything going. A few weird things happened and the courts had made a mistake and it didn’t quite go exactly as we had planned but Jeffrey stuck right with me and made sure I didn’t have to worry about anything. In the end all has happened exactly as it should have and I am now a fully restored Citizen.

Jeffrey from the bottom of my heart and for Stanton Bloom. Thank you for all you have done to help me see this through so I can honor Stanton for the life you both helped me to reclaim.

N. S.

Jeffrey Blackman is a seasoned Tucson Criminal Law Attorney of over 45 Years. He came highly recommended by a respected attorney I know at Udall Law Firm in my time of need for an attorney to represent me as plaintiff in a harassment/protective order case. I was impressed with his excellent knowledge of the law, his respect for the courts, and his ethics. He is passionate about his work in Criminal Law. He made sure I understood the court processes. He consistently practices the highest professional and ethical standards. Because of all the above and his many years of experience in his field, I would not hesitate to contact Mr. Blackman for his legal services again.

N. Major.

Jeffrey is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated. He took the time to regularly follow-up and ensure I understood the process every step of the way, which helped to ease my mind in a stressful situation. He was recommended to me by a colleague and I’m grateful he took my case.

R. F.

I am writing to express my deepest appreciation to the most wonderful attorney I was privileged to hire.

Jeffrey Blackman is a genuine and heartfelt attorney. I know, who writes about a lawyer in those terms. My case was a big deal to me and Jeffrey reassured me that all was well. No one can guarantee a perfect outcome but he showed an all out effort in a win for me. He would contact me and keep me up to date on all details to my case. Jeffrey was aggressive in making sure I was informed by the court and we had all the information that was needed. I was impressed at his professionalism in the courtroom and that made all the difference to me.

He won my case for me and I can spend my time knowing that I made the right choice. I think I have made a new friend indeed. Thank you Jeffrey Blackman for all you do!

Mary R.

As most of us all know, first impressions are everlasting and sir may I say, that Eva and I were overwhelmed with joy with your friendliness, as well as your willingness to assist us as we stumbled upon your law office doorstep last week without an appointment.

Your kindness, honesty, and professionalism was much appreciated, as you engaged and kept eye contact with the both of us as you listened and assisted us with step by step directions so we could actually see and request copies of the public record to have a understanding of her son’s charges, plea bargains, and what took place on/or thereafter August 3, 2020 when he was arrested.

The icing on the cake was giving us the opportunity and actually setting up an appointment the following morning to review the records with us FREE OF CHARGE! I can honestly say, our meeting with you was a moment that I will never forget for if I could give an award, the award would go to you Attorney Jeffrey Blackman for Kindness that surpasses all understanding!

In closing, although we could not retain you due to our lack of funds, you gave us something that we will remember and in hopes that maybe mankind as a whole could certainly mimic and/or take a lesson.

With that being said “ THANK YOU is hardly enough for the time you spent! I know that God smiles upon you for you are a unique and most definitely one of a kind sir!

Connie N.

I wanted to tell you how good of an attorney I found Jeffrey Blackman to be. I was scared after assaulting 2 women. I’ve never been in trouble before. I called Mr. Blackman and talked to him and I started to feel confident in him.

I met with him and he put me at ease and reassured me he would handle my case as if I was family or a friend.

He is tireless and confident about his work. Mr Blackman knows the law and worked hard to defend me and never once did I doubt him. He is polite and direct but very professional at the same time. I’m so glad I chose to meet with Jeffrey Blackman. He is the best attorney to represent myself or anyone else who needs someone in criminal and family law. I can’t say enough about his abilities.

Pam H.

Initially I contacted Mr. Jeffrey Blackman through email concerning two civil injunctions. Through a return phone call Jeffrey explained I could file injunctions personally and he walked me through the entire process, pro bono. He also explained if things needed to be litigated with the injunctions, he could then represent me before the court. Needless to say, I bit off more than I could chew’, but Jeffrey took control and set my wife and I at complete legal ease. From start to finish his expertise and knowledge proved flawless. Through constant contact and his attention to detail in both situations we prevailed on both injunctions.

Jeffrey taught me a lot and became more of a friend than attorney for both my wife and I. I thought of him as a brother, but he said father figure. Jeffrey was just that, a father figure that never allowed us to feel intimidated by court or legal proceedings. Jeffrey is one of the best Tucson has to offer, I will always use his services and recommend him to those in need.

Art L.

Mr. Blackman’s representation of my legal case was fantastic. Jeffrey went well above and beyond with his representation for my case!

I highly recommend to anyone needing a criminal attorney, utilize his vast experience and knowledge.

Bill A.

My son’s court appointed pro bono lawyer was egregious in his actions and representation. Jeffrey did more in four days than the previous lawyer did in three months.

Jeffrey is extremely proactive, very organized and has stellar communication. He presented a financial arrangement and contract that was beneficial to both parties. Jeffrey worked brilliantly and with the utmost professionalism that ultimately led to a very favorable outcome.

He has remained in contact, even after his contractual obligations were fulfilled. Jeffrey truly cares about his clients.

T. T.

Unfortunately I was put in a situation that has impacted both myself and my family directly, and with Jeffreys assistance I got the best possible resolution. My record is clean, and my good name unblemished.

Jeffrey is extremely knowledgable and meticulous. He does in-depth research and leaves no stone unturned when working for you.

His preparation of both himself and me as a client is thorough and calming. This is especially important when courts are involved, which can be extremely intimidating.

Equally as important, Jeffrey brings a human element to an extremely bureaucratic process that can be confusing and intimidating. His humanity and personal touch are extremely calming and reassuring.

Both myself and my family are now protected, and even more importantly, we feel that justice has been served.

Jeffrey is worth every penny that I had paid, and I feel that I could not have gotten better representation anywhere in Tucson.

I hope to never be in these situations again, but I know that if I am, I will not hesitate to retain and have Jeffrey in my corner in a heartbeat.

Ron B.

Very highly recommended Mr. Blackman. He really cares about each and every client he has. Always will respond to your phone calls, emails, and any questions you have, He does calls/emails for weekly check-ins to all of his clients. He also has 40+ years of experience, very knowledgeable, and will do whatever it takes to help you out. If you need some help, definitely don’t hesitate to give Jeffrey Blackman a call.


I have never written a review on anything. However, I felt strongly about this one. If you are in legal trouble, mine was a divorce, Jeffrey is the attorney I would hire again. He has a very strong personality and will not be intimidated by any other attorney. He will keep you totally informed about everything; if necessary on a daily basis. He is extremely knowledgeable about the law. He knows it forwards and backwards. He is available to his clients 24 hours, 7 days a week. He cares personally about every client he works with. If you need legal assistance, understand that it will be costly. Mr. Jeffrey Blackman is in the middle and is fair. I have talked to a number of attorneys, some more experienced, some less. However, Jeffrey is the hardest working and most knowledgeable that I could find. I recommend that you hire Jeffrey Blackman.


Mr. Blackman is an outstanding attorney. He handled my case with honesty, efficiency and extraordinary knowledge. Anyone looking for an attorney with exemplary credentials, he is the best of the best.

J. V.

I hired Mr. Jeffrey Blackman regarding a civil matter in July of 2019. Mr. Blackman immediately went to work, and wasted absolutely no time in producing results. Mr. Blackman paid great attention to fine detail, and kept me informed through constant communication. As a combat veteran, this was much appreciated. As I’m sure with anyone’s legal situation, the proceedings caused me anxiety. However, due to Mr. Blackman’s high effort, consistent communication, and production of results, my anxiety was minimal. Mr. Blackman has a very strong presence, which I believe derives from the experience and confidence he has. Court proceedings can be quite intimidating. Mr. Blackman’s presence gives you an assurance you will not be allowed to be bullied or forced into any circumstance you do not wish to find yourself. If any unfortunate event in the future makes it necessary for me to hire an attorney, I would most certainly utilize Mr. Blackman’s services.

M. M.

Jeffrey assisted me with a confusing issue and quickly resolved the matter. What stood out about Jeffrey is he was courteous and he responded. I sent out a cry for assistance to many law firms, Jeffrey is the only one that responded and he kept the communication going until the end. More professionals need to take heed and follow in his example.

C. D.

We met with Jeffrey Blackman at a legal clinic that offered a free 20 minute legal advise. My husband and I were at the end of our rope in trying to help our son who was incarcerated and unable to respond to divorce papers. Jeffrey offered to do the response to the divorce paperwork and visit our son in jail to get his signature, notarize and review the necessary information for the response at a reasonable fee. Jeffrey set up the appointment for his jail visit to our son before he even got paid, he was punctual and extremely efficient and answered our questions. We are thankful to God that he led us to Jeffrey and that he was compassionate with our struggle.

L. S.

Mr. Blackman was helpful from day one. He reached out to me by email and phone on a weekly basis and answered my questions promptly. He worked with me for months and was a great lawyer to have on my side. He was committed to my case, determined to see that I wasn’t charged with a crime. I highly recommend having Jeffrey as a lawyer.

A. C.

This was the first time I had ever been in a situation where I required a lawyer. I had no idea what steps to take, or where to start. Luckily, I was turned towards Jeffrey Blackman. From my first phone call with him, I knew I had made a good decision. His immense knowledge of the justice system put me at ease right away as he began to explain the entire process ahead of us. I say “ahead of us” because he stands with you through every step of the process, and often reaches out to help support you. With his help, I easily was able to take the correct steps to move forward with my case. Even sitting here now that my case is over, Jeffrey still reaches out to make sure everything is going well. Jeffrey Blackman is an amazing defense attorney, but above that, he is a friend that helped me through a very tough time.

K. L.

I’m very happy with Mr. Jeffrey Blackman’s representation in my post Decree of Dissolution action in the Pima County Superior Court. My calls were always answer personally by Mr. Blackman and all emails were responded to in a timely fashion. I feel that Mr. Blackman truly has my best interest at heart and I trust him completely. Further, he put my mind at easy during a troubling time and went far beyond what I expected from him. I would absolutely recommend him to my family and friends in the future.

T. Clark

My husband was arrested this past October after being a felon-in-flight for 20 years. Prior to sentencing at the original case he was threatened with serving 30 years so when he was arrested this year we had little hope for our future. I subscribed to Legal Match late one night and early the next morning Jeffrey Blackman called me. When we met I was impressed by his confidence and methodology. Throughout our ordeal he kept me informed of every step he made which I appreciated immensely. He is professional, competent, and compassionate. At the sentencing there was a moment when things got hairy; my husband relayed to me that Jeffrey put his hand on my husband’s shoulder and steeled him. Instead of the 30 YEARS we were told my husband ws facing, HE WAS ONLY SENTENCED 70 DAYS with five years probation! Trust this man, he can help you. Jeffrey is a wonderful human being and an outstanding attorney.

E. H.

I was referred to Jeffrey Blackman by a good friend of mine that had been charged with the same thing as me. At the beginning I was scared and confused. I didn’t know what to do about my case. I was charged with more than one thing and I thought my life was going to be over. I had serious thoughts of suicide. Growing up I never thought I would encounter a DUI and to me it was the scariest situation i’ve ever dealt with. When I called Jeffrey he met up with me the next day to see what I would have to go through. He didn’t sugar coat anything about my case. Jeffrey Blackman helped me through the whole case step by step. He not only cared about my case, but cared for me as a person. He made sure I was feeling better and reassured me that my life wasn’t over. When I first met with Jeffrey he told me that There are people in this world who have no legs, no family or home. Things could be much worse but they aren’t. What he said to me really stuck with me. It made me realize that things are pretty bad but that doesn’t mean that things aren’t going to get better. I regained hope that day. After my first meet with Jeffrey I didn’t sit around and be sad. I moved on. Jeffrey would remind me of things such as my MADD panel, court dates and also to check up on me. He would also let me know what the prosecutors said or what they we’re going to do. Once again he told me the real deal. He made sure the prosecutors were doing their jobs right and also made sure I got the best plea. In my case I got the best and luckiest plea. I was charged with a DWI. I didn’t end up with a DWI. There was no probation, evaluation or fine. And no jail time!!!! I wanna thank Jeffrey Blackman with everything I have because without him I would have lost my hope and future. He genuinely is a good person and without that he wouldn’t be the lawyer he is today.

D. Torres

I would like to take this opportunity to say how impressed I was with Jeffrey Blackman, No one wants to hire a lawyer for anything, but when I needed one for my daughter, Jeffrey took care of things. My young daughter, who is attending the University of Arizona as a sophomore, has some issues with alcohol. She got into trouble, being a minor in possession. Jeffrey was able to counsel my daughter, to get her to take some classes on line and to attend some AA meetings. This, along with her willingness to deal with her problem with alcohol, led the prosecutor to agree to dismiss all the charges. If you have the unfortunate need to hire an attorney, I would highly recommend Jeffrey.

Ted V. M.

When I came to Jeffrey I had no idea what was in store for me. He immediately put my mind at ease. He contacted me weekly. Bottom line: I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my case considering my unfortunate circumstances.

Mary H.

I am glad to say that I was very pleased with the way that Jeffrey Blackman handled my case. He is very accomplished and knowledgeable in his profession as a defense attorney. This showed in court on the day that we went before the judge. I was represented very well and the deal which he got me was very much appreciated. I felt very satisfied with the outcome of my case, to say the least.

F. Cirillo

I would recommend the services of Jeffrey Blackman to anyone that desires an attorney that is fair-minded, passionate about his client’s well-being and readily available. I reached out to Jeffrey initially with questions regarding Arizona’s divorce process and he was thorough and very helpful to me.

He represented my interests in my recent divorce and did an excellent job. He kept in constant contact with me and my ex-spouse’s attorney so that the process would culminate successfully for all of us. He was aware of my concerns and kept my interests as a priority. He made reasonable recommendations to me and his knowledge of the law moved me to trust his judgment from the start.

I am grateful to him for assisting me through this difficult life transition!

J. C.

This review is in regards to Mr. Jeffrey Blackman’s performance in my son’s case. I greatly appreciate Mr. Blackman’s step by step guidance and recommendations provided to my son in his legal matter. I strongly recommend Mr Blackman as he is genuine and sincere.

S. A.

Jeffrey Blackman was wonderful! After our son was involved in some very serious trouble at school where he was facing expulsion, just weeks away from his high school graduation, and possible jail time, we were lost and feeling very helpless. We didn’t know where to turn, or who to turn to, but the one thing was sure, we needed an attorney.

There is no lonelier feeling than to face legal hurdles and don’t know who to turn to for help with them. My wife searched the Internet and found Mr. Blackman on a list of attorneys for this area. Based on his experience and trusting the reviews that he had, we contacted him. My wife having had some experience working with other attorneys got right down to business, explained to Mr. Blackman our son’s situation and he was able to give us confidence in his knowledge of this type of cases and our options. Throughout the process, Mr. Blackman was always very good about explaining how the law is applied to our particular case; our son learned the consequences of his actions from the point of view of the law. There was no sugarcoating; Mr. Blackman represented our son when he had to go in front of the school board to see if he could return to school. There is no doubt in our minds that his counsel was key in our son’s being able to stay in school and able to graduate. When our son had to face the courts, Mr. Blackman was able to get him a very agreeable decision. Throughout the entire ordeal Mr. Blackman was in contact with our son, he counseled him regarding his legal troubles, but also gave him advise regarding life, encouraging him to move into bigger and better things.

Our family is extremely grateful for Providence pointing us in the direction of Jeffrey Blackman, and wholeheartedly recommends him to all who hear.

The Naranjo Family

Mr. Blackman is a very thorough, diligent and disciplined attorney. You do not want to meet him in court sitting at the “other” table. I recommend you call him first.

Chuck Z.

Jeffrey Blackman’s Aggressive, and Highly Ethical, Defense in my case is something I am thankful for. I would recommend him to anyone in Tucson seeking a Highly Experienced Attorney. He is a Terrific Man.

George A.

During the past several months, it has been my pleasure and good fortune to have become acquainted with and gotten to know Jeffrey Blackman. An unfortunate situation allowed me to see a man making a valiant, honest and determined effort in shining a positive light on my court case.

Should you, a family member or acquaintance, ever need legal assistance on any matter, no matter how trivial or concerning, you may have every confidence in Jeffrey Blackman as a representative on whatever your need is.

Patrick L.

Jeffrey was very helpful throughout the whole entire process. He kept in touch as he said he would and kept me informed about everything. We reached the goal we set out to achieve, so I’m very happy about that. Overall it was a great experience with Jeffrey!

Carly L.

Having Mr. Blackman as a lawyer was a positive experience considering my unfortunate situation. I had a DUI charge and was not too familiar with the process. Mr. Blackman was professional from the start and was very informative and knowledgeable of the DUI laws. He made weekly updates with me and even answered his phone whenever I called which made me reassured and put my mind at ease. My court proceedings were handled swiftly and in a very professional manner. I would like to thank Mr. Blackman for his services and would recommend his vast knowledge of the law to anyone.

Jose P.

If it had not been for Jeffrey Blackman I would not be driving again–period!

I had a medically related driving incident resulting in damage to my car only. According to my neurologist I was required by Arizona law to cease driving for four months. Instead, ADOT in Phoenix revoked my driving privileges permanently without giving a detailed reason why.

After exhausting every possible approach over a four month period Jeffrey had an inspiration and called an attorney at the Attorney General’s office and asked her to look into what he felt were mistakes that were being made by ADOT. It turned out that someone had checked the wrong box on a form, revoking me permanantly instead of suspending me for four months.

Jeffrey’s attributes:

1. He is highly energized, filled with initiative, energy and passion. He was always willing to drill down to bedrock in support of my case.

2. He explained difficult issues in simple and straight forward terms.

3. He made me feel that I was the most important client on his docket.

4. He was always optimistic about the likely outcome yet straight forward and honest when obstacles were encountered.

5. He kept me informed by phone and by email even when nothing was happening at the moment.

6. He instantly responded to my phone calls and emails.

7. He was like a personal cheerleader, often sending messages or making calls of encouragement when things seemed discouraging.

Having problem solving skills is perhaps a root skill for any attorney, finding a solution when none is immediately available. Fortunately for me Jeffrey has those skills.

Thank you my friend.

Lance S.

Mr. Blackman worked very diligently on my case and left no stone unturned. He provided very detailed information on the process and he was very honest on what our chances of winning were. He always returned calls very promptly, which is very different from what I have experienced with other attorneys. He made sure required paperwork and responses to the opposing attorney were accurately and thoroughly completed and submitted as quickly as possible. He was always checking his decisions against the law. I found him to be very honest and ethical in his approach to my case. He made me feel like I was more than just another case to him and he really cares about his clients as people with feelings going through difficult times. I would recommend him and have recommended him to others.

Rachel T.

I had a DUI charge and had no clue what it consisted of. I was completely in the dark. Jeffrey brought me into the light. He was very up front with me and very clear when explaining everything to me. I was a complete mess. I had never been in trouble before. The number one thing that got me through this was Jeffrey, not only as my attorney but also as a human being. He stayed in contact with me, sometimes two and three times a day, not only regarding my legal issues but also just to see how I was doing. I cannot begin to tell you how much talking to him helped me through this ordeal.

I would highly recommend Jeffrey Blackman any day!

Thank you, Jeffrey!

Nancy C.

Having Jeffrey Blackman as my lawyer was a great experience. Working with him made my process through the court super fast. He got me exactly what I wanted. He truly does know what he is talking about and gives the best advice for a better outcome. After my court dates he made sure to keep in contact with me to check up on me. To me that is a great quality from a lawyer. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give him a strong 10. Highly recommended.


My partner was cited for running a stop sign and driving with a revoked license, a criminal violation. I knew he needed an exceptional attorney to help him with these charges. I searched the net and read reviews of dozens of attorneys finally settling on Mr. Blackman. After our first meeting I knew I had made the right choice. Mr. Blackman was professional as well as sympathetic to my partners plight. He was able to negotiate a dismissal of the stop sign charge and a reduction in the criminal charge to a civil infraction. There are many attorneys that handle this type of case and you can spend hours searching for the best one. Let me save you hours of searching, call Jeffrey Blackman and put your legal problem in his hands. Then go home and get a good nights sleep.

D. Nelson

After searching the web for hours looking for a good lawyer I came across Jeffrey, he has helped me tremendously!!

My case was a little different, I didn’t know anything about it… so I couldn’t really give him any information at all the first time we talked, he called me back the next day and let me know what my charges were and what my case was about.

He kept me updated on everything, and made sure I completely understood everything going on. He would even call just to check in with me, and make sure I was ready for court, even when I was super nervous he would always calm me down.

Jeffrey is a really great lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone, he really cares about his clients.

Thanks again so much Jeffrey!!!!

Dakota R.

I am writing this letter to thank Jeffrey Blackman, attorney at law, who helped defend my daughter in the judicial system during her time of need. Not only did Jeffrey do a fantastic job with handling my daughter’s case but he also always kept me informed on all issues and concerns about her case. I am grateful that my daughter was represented by such a class act.

Greg S.

I was thoroughly satisfied with the legal representation I received from Jeffrey Blackman. During the time he represented me he walked me through the process of getting my charges dismissed. Mr. Blackman was checking on the progression of my case on a weekly basis. This was great because it put my mind at ease knowing he was on top of any issues I needed to take care of. Ultimately, he handled all the court proceedings in a professional manner that made me satisfied with the result.

Woodee M.

Jeffrey did a great job with what we had to go by. He is there when you need him and will always call back if needed. I did love the fact that he made weekly calls just to check in and to see how everything is going. I would highly recommend Jeffrey to anyone that needs a good lawyer. Thank you Jeffrey.

David S.

I reached out to Jeffrey Blackman a few months ago about trying to get some felony convictions from ten years ago set aside. Jeffrey was extremely transparent when it came to what he was able to do legally. I felt his knowledge of the law was far beyond what I found in most of the lawyers I spoke with. The part I respect the most about Jeffrey was how easy he was to contact. Jeffrey called me once a week all the way up to our court date and if I needed him for any other reason when I’d leave a message I’d hear back in a very timely manner. I never felt at any point like Jeffrey wasn’t completely committed my case. I can’t begin to express my appreciation for Jeffrey’s determination and for his help in my matter. In the end Jeffrey successfully got my felony convictions set aside helping to give me the chance at a new life with out the stigma of a felony on my record. There is no doubt if I ever need a lawyer again, I will be calling Jeffrey.

Nathan S.

I hired Jeffrey Blackman to represent me in two cases, a misdemeanor DWI in Justice Court involving the use of heroin and two felonies in Superior Court, possession of a narcotic drug and possession of drug paraphernalia.

He got the DWI dismissed and got me a plea to a misdemeanor, no jail time, six months probation, in the felony case.

Jeffrey Blackman was knowledgeable, had my best interest at heart and was in constant contact with me to answer my questions and give me updates.

Neither my job nor my future were affected.

I thank him for a job well done.

J. K.

I was pulled over one night for a DUI. The next day I searched online for the best attorney to assist me. With Jeffrey Blackman’s words and background in the law I knew that I would be secure with him. Jeffrey Blackman tells it like it is; no sugar coating. His energy is perfect for the courts and he makes you feel like he has everything under control. I had no worries once he took my case. He called me weekly to check up on me and to make sure that my energy was still good. My case went very smoothly. It was resolved with no jail time and with the DUI being reduced to Reckless Driving. I will take a few classes and this works perfectly for me. I will refer others in need to Jeffrey. Thank you Mr. Jeffrey Positive Energy Blackman for being available for me.

Adam W.

Recently, I had occasion to work with Mr. Blackman; he represented my daughter in a case of youthful indiscretion. From the outset he was very straightforward with us, explained the situation and her options, and most importantly, was completely non-judgmental throughout. He gave her the unvarnished truth about the possible range of consequences for her mistake, but also kept her hopeful and calmed her fears. He kept us abreast of the process, and was a consummate professional in and out of court. Ultimately, her case was resolved as he had predicted – in a dismissal. I would recommend him highly to anyone who needs expert representation in court and wants an attorney who is a no-nonsense, straight shooter who is also understanding and compassionate.

James N.

I am very happy to be writing this letter to tell you how lucky I am to have had Jeffrey Blackman as the attorney representing me in court. He was diligent, knowledgeable and kept me informed daily if not weekly whenever necessary and guided me to the best outcome of my case. He went above and beyond what I expected from his representation. Jeffrey used every effort to keep me informed and provided me the paramount results I could have imagined.

I am confident that you will be completely satisfied that you have selected to use Jeffrey Blackman as your legal representation for whatever legal counsel you encounter.

I highly recommend Jeffrey Blackman to anyone seeking attorney representation. You’ll be pleased to know he will use his experience and dedication to his clients and to assist you in representing you in any legal matter you need to endure.

Thank you Jeffrey for all you have done for me and for the consideration you have shown me and your excellent counsel.

Elizabeth H.

Jeffrey Blackman is a wonderful attorney who is very knowledgeable in current law. He was my divorce attorney. He was caring and concerned about the whole family, he wanted to make sure that this was the best for everyone involved. Jeffrey Blackman is honest about every step in the process. His services are very reasonably priced and fair. I would recommend him to anyone that is in need of a fair and honest attorney.

Frank A.

I was recommended to Jeffrey by a fellow attorney here in town, I am a business practice attorney rather than being familiar with civil or criminal matters. He did a great job for a young family member with some serious driving infractions, I think the kid listened to Jeffrey better than his parents as well! Fair outcome, Jeffrey doesn’t sugarcoat things but always trying to get the best out of a situation. Thanks Jeffrey, good work.

Marc J.

Highly recommended! Mr. Blackman has helped my family several times over many years. I have found Mr. Blackman to be very good at what he does. He will get every piece of information and help you make the best decisions, or fight your case to win. If Mr. Blackman can not adequately assist your issue, like a certain type of personal injury case, he will help you get the BEST attorney to work on your type of case. Mr. Blackman is very communicative, as you will know where the case is every step of the way ! Thank you Mr. Blackman for all your help over the years!


I have worked with Jeffrey Blackman for over 5 years, and during that time he has been nothing less than absolutely professional and passionate about his work. I would be lying if I did not say that during the time we have worked together, due to his impeccable integrity and care for those around him, we have become more than just colleagues, I can now truly call him a friend.


Jeffrey Blackman is an excellent lawyer and a good man. He successfully handled my recent divorce, avoiding numerous potential pitfalls along the way. I especially appreciated that Jeffrey, or JB as he is also known, was very good about explaining legal options about how to proceed, telling me in detail the pros and cons of each. Being unfamiliar with the law, I did not understand some of the things he said. Whenever, that happened, Jeffrey found expanded explanations that made sense to me. Whenever options were available, he made sure that I understood the implications of my choices, made recommendations based on possible outcomes and his own long experience with divorce law in Arizona, answered any final questions, and then left the choice to me. Jeffrey’s personal relationships with court personnel at all levels proved invaluable in processing the necessary paperwork, scheduling, determining procedures that were unusual, and assuring that my case would be heard by a judge with no likelihood of bias.

Getting a divorce is not cheap, and Jeffrey’s hourly rates are not the lowest in the area, but I would hire him again with no qualms because he does excellent work, and the final cost to you may be lower than for some lawyers who have somewhat lower hourly rates. Jeffrey is a very good and efficient communicator. He called me once every week to let me know about any developments and to ask if there developments from my side. These calls were very brief, so the cost was minimal and knowing the status of the case at various stages was well worth the cost. It is nice to know that you have someone on your side who is on top of things. Unfortunatley, I have been through other divorce cases, so I have some experience with other divorce lawyers. Here are two instances that indicate problems you may enoucnter with some lawyers, but not Jeffrey. Several months before my recently completed divorce began, I hired a lawyer from a well known Tucson legal firm specializing in divorce. My wife and I drew back from the brink that time, but not before I learned that I could not work with the other lawyer or her firm. After our initial meeting, the lawyer contacted me only by mailing me papers and would not answer my telephone calls. For this lack of service I paid an hourly rate of about $275. For another divorce in a different state, I had a very good lawyer who was a nice guy, but maximized his fees by conducting long conversations at every opportunity, including lots of irrelevant personal topics and then billing me for the entire time. He was very good at it, so I helped put his kids through college. With Jeffrey working your case, you will have all the information you need and you will get it in a timely fashion. Jeffrey is very friendly and understands that divorce is difficult emotionally, but does not try to be a psychological counselor. He gets down to business and is objective about the case. Jeffrey does not play games to run up the cost.

I got the best outcome possible in my case. Jeffrey is an experienced, no-nonsense lawyer who is honest, hard-working, and excellent. I recommend him highly to you.

Bill C.

Having selected Jeffrey Blackman based on his reviews, I feel compelled to add my own testimonial. My situation: out-of-state licensee with a first offense DUI. Jeffrey’s clear-headed counsel lead me through the complexities of Arizona’s legal system. Attorney Blackman was professional yet compassionate, a prized combination in an attorney. I learned to listen. With Jeffrey Blackman on my side, a stressful situation became bearable. Our relationship remained focused, but in the end I felt as though I had a friend when I really needed one.

Eric O.

I was very satisfied with Jeffrey Blackman handling my criminal case. I found him to be very knowledgeable and understanding, and he explained every step of the legal process to me, with encouragement to “breathe” when I would panic. Jeffrey is very honest and tells it like it is. He keeps weekly phone contact and I never had a problem trying to reach him. He managed to get multiple charges reduced to one felony count and that will drop to a misdemeanor after probation is over. Thank you Mr.Blackman for defending me and getting the best possible outcome in my case.

Ashley M.

We asked Jeffrey Blackman to handle our daughter’s criminal case. He has provided excellent service, including weekly communication with our daughter concerning case updates and answering our own concerns during this difficult time for our family. We highly recommend his services to anyone. He is very knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated to getting the best possible case outcome for his clients.

Robert & Margaret F.

We used Jeffrey recently for a criminal incident. Due to his efforts my husband’s case was dismissed. We found him to be extremely efficient following up on all necessary appointments and paper work.


Within minutes of our first meeting with Jeffrey he had made my family and myself at ease with his calm, quiet demeanor. With less than three hours to court time Jeffrey listened to the issue(s) at hand, questioned each of us and had explained how he would handle things once in the courtroom. Prior to leaving his office Jeffrey told all of us to “Breath, I will be your Gladiator in that courtroom”, and he truly has been exactly that to all of us.

Continuing with that same calm, quiet demeanor while representing us, he truly remains The Gladiator to all of us. I do not believe he will ever accept what his knowledge and expertise has meant to us during this most difficult time in our lives’.

Robin D.

I was very satisfied with Jeffrey’s services as my lawyer. He is sharp and makes sure to explain things for you to understand clearly. I especially appreciated his regular correspondence on a weekly basis. I would recommend Jeffrey to anyone in need of legal assistance.

Gabriel D.

Jeffrey Blackman was my counsel for my recent divorce. He took the time and made sure that we had all the paperwork in order and also kept me thinking that this is taking care of my future and to think with my head, not with my heart. He did a good job and was easy to work with.

Ed K.

Jeffrey Blackman is a great attorney/lawyer. He is extremely knowledgeable, intelligent, and well mannered. He did an amazing job in defending me against DV assault charges. He is quick to return e-mails and phone calls and is basically reachable at any and all times. He gets matters resolved quickly and efficiently. He offers a plethora of information to his clients and always has the client’s best interest in mind. He got all of my charges dropped by getting me a Diversion agreement with the courts. I would recommend him to anyone facing any criminal charges. He will go out of his way to ensure that his clients get the best possible outcome to their cases. He also is great at following up after the case to ensure his clients are doing what they need to get done to get the charged dropped. Thank you Jeffrey Blackman for everything you have done for me!

Cory S.

When I received my aggressive driving ticket in Tucson on Labor Day 2014, I knew I needed an exceptional lawyer to handle my case. Jeffrey Blackman is absolutely the right man for the job. His attention to detail and his constant, thorough communication put my mind at ease throughout the legal process. Jeffrey’s legal advice and acumen are spot-on. His great work resulted in the dismissal of my aggressive driving case after we accomplished his detailed, non-complicated plan before the trial date. If I ever need a lawyer in the future, I will not hesitate to call Jeffrey. I suggest the same for anyone else who needs help with a legal challenge.

Jen M (A very satisfied customer)

Quality Excellent Blackman. Jeffrey Blackman was the best! Blackman was professional and he is the reason my son and I were not separated. This attorney was honest and very efficient at dealing with my son’s case. Blackman makes a weekly call to make sure things are going fine at my end since we both live in a different State. All communications were sent to me in a timely manner. My son was so depressed about not being able to do things another kids do, but with Blackman’s Quality Excellent work he is free. God bless Jeffrey Blackman for a Job well done. He’s classy, smart and a fighter! Sometimes the justice system works slowly but you can be assured this attorney will fight for you until its over!

B. C.

I highly recommend Jeffrey Blackman as an attorney. Jeffrey worked my case for a little over a year. I was highly satisfied with the results. I really liked his approach. We discussed every decision that needed to be made. He presented the possible outcomes and the costs. The final decision was always left to me. I was consistently impressed with Jeffrey’s integrity, honesty and sense of justice. It was easy to talk to Jeffrey as he is direct and grasps the key points rapidly. The trust and friendship grew between us very quickly. Near the end of the case I reviewed everything we had done to resolve my case and it became clear to me that I would not have done anything differently. Jeffrey provided superb explanations along the way and I was not surprised by any of our outcomes. Working with Jeffrey was a pleasure. It is with great pleasure that I recommend my friend, Jeffrey Blackman, to anyone needing an attorney. You will not find a stronger advocate and perhaps pick up another lifelong friend as I have done.

W. H.

I was impressed with Jeffrey Blackman’s efforts throughout the process. His familiarity with traffic law helped put me at ease throughout the process. I would certainly recommend Mr. Blackman for any traffic violations.

T. S.

I highly recommend Jeffrey. My family and I are still together as a result of his professionalism. I am grateful for the hard work and dedication Jeffrey executed in my case. Jeffrey exceeded all of my expectations. Jeffrey stayed in contact for any updates or concerns regarding my case. As a current client, I truly appreciate his fervent support when I need it most.

D. R.

Jeffrey Blackman exceeded my expectations; he accomplished what other attorneys said could not be done. I can say without hesitation that Mr. Blackman will go the extra mile for his clients as he did for me. He did incredibly thorough and persistent work when handling my case, provided me with frequent updates, and even took time to meet with me on a weekend. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of legal assistance.


My brief experience with Mr. Blackman was that of attentive and expedient service. He was quick to act on my behalf and provided excellent client service by keeping me well informed throughout the entire process.

S. D.


I write to support my attorney, Jeffrey Blackman. Mr. Blackman provided excellent legal advice while handling my recent case. His knowledge of the law and its local application was invaluable as my case was dismissed.I appreciate your attention to this matter and wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Blackman to prospective clients.

Loyd V. Bell III

I want to commend Jeffrey Blackman on his dedicated service to my case with the Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV must have lost or misplaced my file and it drug on for a very long period of time. Mr. Blackman kept in regular touch with me so we did not miss a court date and be delinquent on my case.

When we finally received an appearance date from the DMV, Mr. Blackman was there every step of the way to insure that I was represented properly. His experience and expertise was obvious and made me feel allot more relaxed in what was an uncomfortable situation.

I would recommend Jeffrey s services to anyone who needs expertise and confidence in their representation.


When you choose to hire Jeffrey Blackman I guarantee you will get two things: Information and Support. This was my first encounter with legal proceedings so it was especially important for me to understand what was being done and what to expect. Jeffrey made me aware of my rights and ALWAYS answered my questions! He has exceptional legal knowledge and working experience, which he demonstrated throughout the entirety of my case.

He is a fighter through and through and provided personal progress reports on a weekly basis, which I found invaluable! I could tell how invested he was in my case and I felt the outcome was just as important to him as it was for me. You will be hard pressed to find any other attorney anywhere who is as knowledgeable or passionate about the work he does. While I consider him to be an extraordinary attorney, I find myself fortunate enough to call him my friend.


Jeffrey Blackman is a great lawyer who is serious about his work and a very hard worker. Jeffrey is a great man to have on your side.

A recent client

I would highly recommend Jeffrey Blackman to any friend and family members who needs great service. He was very helpful with my son’s case. He has been on top of all the action required by the court and also kept my son and I informed. Jeffrey went above and beyond to give us a great service during a time of trial with his years of experience. Thank you Mr Jeffrey Blackman for all your hard work.


Hiring Jeffrey Blackman was the obvious choice for my case. He was reasonably priced and always available during office hours. He answers his own calls. His answers were clear and concise. I had complete confidence in his ability. I was especially impressed with his 36-year participation in the practice of criminal law in Tucson. He can usually be found at work very early in the mornings and on Friday afternoons. He even returned calls on Saturdays. He has high level of commitment to his clients. I highly recommend him.


I was referred to Jeffrey Blackman by my trusted Attorney whom I have known for years. I was not disappointed with Jeffrey’s work and assistance during my DUI charge process. Jeffrey gave me positive advice and a fair fee to start out with. He followed up with me to insure that I had complied with the courts orders and even checked in weekly to just “see how I was doing.” It was a very stressful time in my life and I really appreciated Jeffrey s involvement and caring attitude getting me thru this terrible event in my life. I am sure I received a very minimal court penalty because of his expertise and attention to the details.

I have already recommended his services to my friends and will advise anyone who could use his services to do so. It is nice in this day and age to know that there is still someone out there who actually cares about their clients.

Shane Kovash

I would like to forward comments I have regarding my recent experience with Mr jeffrey Blackman. I recently had been involved in a challenging divorce case and had started the process of petitioning for divorce myself when I meet Mr Blackman. I would have to say at our first meeting he instilled confidence that he would be an outstanding legal advocate and take the time needed to fight for my case. In addition he was very empathetic regarding my personal life, at a time of need. Throughout our relationship he was always very clear, to the point and explained matters in common terms that I could easily understand, but yet still flexible in approaches and genuinely listened to my needs. I would use Mr Blackman again without hesitation regarding any legal advice. He is honest, knowledgeable, extremely thorough and his fees were very reasonably. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in legal need. Although for the time being our business relationship has concluded, I now consider him a friend as well. Best wishes jeffrey.

W Thomas MD

Jeffrey Blackman is a conscientious, thorough, meticulous, hands on attorney. Relieved a ton of stress I was carrying on my shoulders about my court case. Helped and explained things to me every step of the way. We beat both criminal charges at trial, thank you.

A. P.

I am writing the email to express how happy my wife and I were with how Jeffrey Blackman handled her case. She was stoped for a DUI with her little boy in the car and was facing felony DUI and child endangerment charges. Jeffrey went over and above to keep us informed and send correspondence as soon as he found out anything. Jeffrey was able to get the prosecutor to reduce the DUI charge to a misdemeaner and the endangerment charge will be reduced when a probationary period is complete. Jeffrey is no nonsense and does not sugar coat the situation, which is much better than having false hope. The sentence was exactly what he told us it would be. it was not a pleasant experience but Jeffrey was there for us the whole way through and made sure we knew what was going on the whole time. I recommend Jeffrey Blackman without reservation.

Kenan Clinton, DDS

I am writing to express my satisfaction with the work that Jeffrey Blackman did for me. I was charged with aggressive driving and was unsure of how to proceed with my case. I contacted five attorneys on the phone to discuss my case and Jeffrey was able to provide the best assessment of my options (without charging) of any attorney I talked to. Once I retained Jeffrey, he was very clear and direct on his advice. He gave me a list of items that needed to be completed in order to put me in the best light. The result of this advice and his work with the prosecutor was that my case was dismissed. I attribute this to Jeffrey’s experience with the court system and his diligent follow-up with both the prosecutor and myself. I give Jeffrey Blackman my highest recommendation and would use him again if I required an attorney.

David R.

I am writing to express extreme gratitude, satisfaction, and happiness with Jeffrey Blackman. We had this wonderful attorney for over a year in a difficult, twisted child custody case. The opposing attorney was less than professional, and Mr Blackman had to overcome many roadblocks. He was very professional and with attention to detail. This was important in our case! Mr Blackman never gave up (even when we thought it was hopeless), he encouraged us, prepared us for trial, and had every stitch of information lined up and ready to present. I feel he had genuine concern for our family and ultimately he was as happy as we were at the excellent outcome. I will recommend Mr. Blackman to others at any opportunity!

Lori F.

We found jeffrey Blackman to be honest, and very hardworking throughout the entire length of our yearlong battle. He pushed to get things done accurately and quickly, and proved to be extremely knowledgeable concerning the law, the system, and the courts. He exhibited the utmost in professionalism at all times, even I the face of opposition who did not. I feel he took the time to know us and care about our issue personally and I would recommend him without hesitation.

Ron Fredona

I called Mr. Blackman after looking for several lawyers online and he immediately helped me out with great legal advice right off the bat before even hiring him and I knew from there that he was the right guy. Throughout the year and my case, he would help me out with any questions I had for my case and was eager to help out anyway he can.

Not only was he there as my lawyer, he was also there as my friend when I went through some medical issues at the time.

I fully believe with his legal counseling and help, I got the best possible scenario I could get that I possibly would not have gotten if I went to another lawyer.

If in the future there was any sort of legal issue I have, he would be the first person I call without hesitation.

Adrian G.

I obtained Jeffrey as my lawyer for a DUI charge. He thoroughly explained to me what he would do and what to expect. He contacted me at least once a week to keep me updated as to the progress of the case. When all was said and done I appreciated everything he did in this matter. Thank You Jeffrey.

Steve H.

Dear Mr. Blackman,

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to you for successfully defending my daughter in Tucson City Court for a traffic citation.

You provided outstanding legal counsel and won the case for her by having the citation overturned.

I am very pleased to provide you this excellent reference. Keep up the good work.

C. Scott

To Whom It May Concern,

Just wanted to drop you a line or two to let you know what a pleasure it was to work with you on your clients behalf. Often times in this day and age lawyers get a harsh reputation for being concerned only about money.

It was obvious from the very start that you wanted an opportunity for your client to have a chance to navigate consequences for his behavior in regards to DUI laws in the state of Arizona without having to suffer the extended social economic devastation of an extensive jail sentence.

Your dedication to due process along with the well being of your client was exemplified by the work you did. As with everyone who suffers from the disease of addiction,( alcoholism ) it is ultimately up to them the addict to do the work. It is however very gratifying to see the justice system giving the alcoholic the opportunity to seek through rehabilitation the recovery tools needed to advert the extensive jail time.

Thanks again Jeffrey for your good works and it was an honor working with you as well as the client you represented

Jeff Howard LPN

I recommend Jeffrey Balckman as an attorney for matters regarding divorce. He negotiated with my ex-wife’s attorney to come up with a reasonable settlement that satisfied both sides and saved me a lot of money. He is knowledgably in the law, a very hard worker, and steadfast in direction. I appreciated all his efforts.

Ron S.

I met Mr. Blackman in conjunction with a criminal matter involving a family matter. As a fellow attorney, I was impressed with Mr. Blackman’s skill, professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail, leading to an excellent disposition of the criminal matter he handled for my family member. I would recommend, and have recommend him, to other clients and will do so in the future.

Steve Burrows, Esq.

He helped me through a very difficult time in my life. He was there every step of the way. His follow up and attention to detail is impeccable. He is a true professional, handles himself with the upmost integrity and truly cares about his client. His experience and expertise are unsurpassed. I will not hesitate to refer others to him.


To whom it may concern, Jeffrey Blackman came through for me when other attorneys felt my case was hopeless. Jeffrey approached the case from every angle, and found compelling evidence which made the difference. Without his innovative method of recreating the scenario, and his use of graphic displays in the courtroom, the judge we would not have understood what actually happened, and I am certain we would not have won. I found Jeffrey to be a no B. S. guy who devotes his all, and does not stop until he is confident there is not a shred of evidence left behind that could help support his case.

Bruce Daley

I hired Jeffrey Blackman to help my son with a difficult Criminal Indictment. Jeffrey Blackman is a man of integrity, he knew exactly what to do and he had the skill and experience to advocate vigorously in behalf of my son. I hired him to Investigate the work of the Public Defender and to find procedural defects made by the Court in my sons case. I was impressed because he went right to work and worked diligently to uncover the truth. We were working on a deadline and sure enough Jeffrey uncovered several claims upon which relief could be granted and we got them filed on time! Things are better now for my boy thanks to Jeffrey. I thought he did great. Jeffrey Blackman is a sterling fellow.

David Zee

I would highly recommend Jeffrey Blackman to anyone. He is very hardworking and passionate about the law. Jeffrey knows what he wants and goes after it. Thank you again Jeffrey for the opportunity to work with you.

Tom Freeland

My son’s case to took over a year to resolve. Jeffrey checked in with us on a weekly basis to be sure no new questions or concerns had come up. Jeffrey made his views clear to us when we began our journey together and there were no surprises. He is articulate, caring, loyal, honest and diligent. I learned more about the legal system than I ever thought I would, some good and some bad but Jeffrey always took the time to be sure we understood what to expect and what the next step was. Jeffrey worked very hard for my son and I fell he did all he could for his case. If you are looking for an attorney to be honest and hardworking – Jeffrey is the man for you. I cannot say enough about the help he provided.

From IRB

This is a recommendation for attorney-at-law Jeffrey Blackman. He is one of the most hard working, honest and ethical persons I know. He sure got results for me. He got my driver’s license suspension voided and my Tucson City Court criminal case dismissed. His research and finding similar cases was instrumental in showing the unusual circumstances of my case, which involved parking my vehicle legally, then doing some drinking with no intent to drive. What also impressed me is how he always kept me updated with how my case progressed. I am truly impressed with Mr. Blackman and would recommend him for anyone needing legal representation.

From Bob

Jeffrey Blackman was a great attorney and was very easy to work with. He was very easy to get in contact with and he always communicated very well. Blackman kept me up to date every week even if nothing was really happening. He works extremely hard and was easy to trust. I appreciate all the things Jeffrey Blackman did in order to get my case dropped.

A Google User

I highly recommend Jeffrey Blackman! Mr. Blackman represented my niece as a minor with a serious traffic citation. I have worked in the legal field professionally for over 21 years, and I have to say that Mr. Blackman is stellar in terms of his representation, demeanor, expertise and conduct. Not only did he work hard to determine the best course for my niece’s case, he stayed in touch with both of us throughout the lengthy negotiations and several court appearances. He is honest, straightforward, and genuinely cares about his clients. I would not only recommend him, I would use him again should the situation arise. He is one of the best.

A Google User

I cannot recommend Attorney Blackman enough. With a serious traffic offense facing me, he worked with me and obtained a resolution considerably better than I could ever have expected to get. He maintained contact throughout the entire process and was always available to answer questions and help explain matters. His thorough preparation was evident in the swiftness, smoothness and ease of my court appearance . Once again, I highly recomment that anyone who needs outstanding help contact Attorney Blackman immediately.

A Google User

Mr. Blackman has helped my son several times in dealing with some legal issues including a DUI. I found Mr. Blackman to be one of the most efficient and thourough attorneys I have ever met. The outcome of my son’s issues were dismissals, which was the correct outcome. If you need a DUI attorney, or a criminal attorney, Mr. Blackman is the right guy!

A Google User

I was out of state and chose Mr. Blackman to represent me after a small search. I was very pleased with his personal attention to my case and his ability to work quickly and fluidly with the prosecution. He kept me updated and informed in all aspects of my case. Even though I hope to never need his services again, I would not hesitate to let him represent me, he is a great lawyer.

A Google User

In multiple professional dealings with Jeffrey over the last ten years, I found him to be an energetic, honest and compassionate advocate for his clients. In those cases wherein I was involved, I noted the outcomes were favorable to his clients.

A Google User

I needed a great attorney when my son made a stupid mistake resulting in criminal charges that could have affected his future in a severe way. Mr. Blackman’s professionalism, knowledge of the law and ability to convince the prosecutor to see the issues of the case, and then resolved the case in a very satisfactory manner. I thank Mr. Blackman for the dedication and ability to work on behalf of his clients.

WK - Tucson

Our family has known Jeff for a long time. He is an awesome individual and great lawyer. He is highly focused.

A Google User

In my multiple business experiences working with Jeffrey, I found him to be honest and reliable. He is a clear communicator and a good listener.

By GLL - Now 20, 2011

Jeffrey Blackman was the perfect attorney in all matters when I needed him. He was knowledgable, compassionate, honest, direct, and has a high sense of integrity. After the completion of his work he continued to follow up with me monthly, despite the fact there was no monetary benefit for him to do so. I trust and reccomend jeffrey to all the people I care about.

By GMS - Now 19, 2011

Jeffrey Blackman is a motivated, hard working, driven attorney who will do everything he can for his clients. I trust Jeffrey both as my friend and as my attorney. I know that if I ever need anything Jeffrey is only a phone call away. He is both professional and courteous and is always very diligent in all his work. I trust and recommend Jeffrey to anyone

By Undisclosed - Nov 18, 2011

I just wanted to say that in my dealings with Jeffrey Blackman he has been very conscientious, and amicable towards me and the challenges before me. I have known many lawyers in my business and he most assuredly is one of the good ones you can count on in getting things done. If you are needing advice and support I most assuredly recommend jeffrey Blackman to be that guy for putting your life back in order. It always helps when you know your attorney cares about your future and is there to help you through this rough patch.
Thanks again Jeffrey, for your support……

By Undisclosed - Now 17, 2011

Jeffrey Blackman Handled my case with expedience and accuracy. He was focused and diligently processed all aspects of my case. He instructed me clearly what my position is and gave me a task list of what to do. He kept in contact with me every week to make sure I was on task. If you listen to him and follow his directions, you will most likely get the best result possible. The end result was my case was dropped and I had no charges against me. I would give Jeffrey Blackman the shirt of my back. His rates were completely reasonable as well for how much work and follow up he does like no other attorney. God forbid I find myself in some sort of trouble again, but if it is under Jeffrey Blackmans area of law , I have no question he will be my Attorney at Law.

By Roger - Now 17, 2011

Jeffrey Blackman is a talented attorney. I have known Mr. Blackman for over forty years and can recommend his services to anyone. I found his offices to be convenient to the downtown courthouse and a pleasure to visit. Jeffrey Blackman is a strong advocate for me every time we tackle a problem. He has been diligent and thorough in all filings. I could not recommend an attorney in Tucson any higher than Jeffrey Blackman.

By Undisclosed - Nov 17, 2011

I worked with Jeffrey Blackman about 8 months ago on a corporate matter. Not only was his legal advice strong, he gave me amazing representation without asking for the shirt off my back. And the best part of working with Jeffrey is that you actually get to work with Jeffrey! Unlike other firms, where they push you off to paralegals as often as they can, Jeffrey works directly with you on all aspects of your case. The feeling I took away from our interactions is that he does this because he cares about each and every client that walks through his door. He wants to make sure that everyone gets the best representation possible, because he knows that his personal investment in his clients leads to the best possible outcome of their case. It was a wonderful experience working with Jeffrey and I would recommend using him for any unexpected bumps in the road.

By Mike - Nov 17, 2011

I have known Jeffrey Blackman for a number of years, although I have never needed his services, I have dealt with him when he needed my repair services. He has always shown me great respect and always had time to listen to and understand the processes of services I have provided for him. If the time arises that I, or someone I know, need the services of legal council I would not hesitate to use or recommend Jeffrey Blackman.

By HandyCat - Nov 17, 2011

Our firm has known Jeffrey Blackman for years and have always found him to be professional, highly knowledgeable, and very hard working. We would highly recommend Mr. Blackman for all of your legal needs.

By JCM - Nov 17, 2011

I have done business with jeffrey Blackman a number of times over the course of the last few years.I have always found him to be clear and honest in his communication and more than willing to listen to my perspective.It was always easy to problem solve together as we moved forward thru our projects.I can easily recommend jeffrey as a good man to do business with.

By Kurt - Nov 17, 2011

Dealing with Jeffrey on multiple personal cases, including criminal and traffic violations, Jeffrey has always worked with me extremely diligently and has always provided me with the most knowledgeable & professional services I could ask for. Jeffrey will work with you personally, rather than throw your case to a lower level lawyer, and will treat you with the utmost respect and urgency to get your matter resolved as quickly as possible. Highly Recommended!
Thanks Jeffrey.

By Tucson_AZ - Nov 17, 2011

I have done business with Mr. Blackman on many occasions, both good and bad. He always has given me a fair shake especially when I could most use it. I would recommend his services for anyone. Mr. Blackman always listens and so far his results have been great.

By Dvan - Nov 17, 2011

Mr. Blackman represented me recently and I found him responsive, effective and extremely professional. He was easily accessible and provided frequent updates throughout the case. Having practiced law here in Tucson for a long time, Mr. Blackman has built strong relationships within the legal community and this was evident in my case. Mr. Blackman had a good relationship with the prosecutor in my case which enabled a favorable outcome. I highly recommend him.
Thank You

By Zeus1977 - Jan 14, 2011

My case should have just been simple to deal with. The more contact I had with the courts and sheriff’s department clarified the idea of needing a lawyer. I searched for a lawyer with extensive experience and I came across Attorney jeffrey Blackman. He dealt with my case in a speedy manner, filing all the right paper work with all the correct courts. He knew who to contact for all the paper work needed for my case. Because of Attorney jeffrey Blackman my case was resolved in a few short months. He is a true gentleman of the courts.
Thank You

By azlady85741 - Jan 13, 2011

Jeffrey Blackman is more than what I could of asked for. A busy man who still finds time to make the phone call through his day to let you know what’s going on. He digs deep and doesn’t give up and really actually cares about what he is doing and goes the extra mile. When in court he knows everyone and has a kind and profesional approach with everyone and they all respect and know him from his experience. I would recomend him to anyone because he fought for me like he would have fought for his oun self or family member. And that’s the way it should be.

By ajst2008 - Jan 13, 2011

jeffrey Blackman is an honest, hardworking attorney who should be everyone’s choice for representation. I first met jeffrey when I was going through a personally trying time. His focus, determination and honesty stayed strong till the end. He truly helps his clients find their way back to normalcy after having to deal with the Justice system. Thanks jeffrey for being there for me and my family.

By KPalant - Jan 10, 2011

I have worked on cases, on and off, with Jeffrey Blackman for approximately 20+ years. These cases have included civil, injury and criminal type cases. I have found Mr. Blackman to be one of the most focused and knowledgeable attorneys I have worked with. I can honestly state that in all the cases I have worked with Mr. Blackman, he has never lost a criminal case, or had a “bad” outcome in any other case. Even when the client may not have made the smartest choices, or had some level of “involvement” which resulted in the charges filed, Mr. Blackman was able to either win the case or obtain a very satisfactory “deal” for the client. I have used Mr. Blackman personally for a family member issue, and have, and will continue to, refer friends and other people to his office. If you need a very capable, diligent and dedicated attorney for your needs, talk to Mr. Blackman. If he can help you you will know it. KIC Investigations AZDPS lic #1003926

By W - Jul 6, 2010

Mr Blackman was hired when my son made a “stupid kid” mistake. Although, it was very serious, it would have caused him potential problems with employers in his future. Mr. Blackman took the time to understand the issues and by just making some phone calls to the prosecutors office and working out a great deal, my son benefited from Mr. Blackman’s experience and ability to defend and work within the system. I have never met a man more thorough than Mr. Blackman. I highly recommend Mr. Blackman for his legal expertise. Brenda J.

By B - Jun 28, 2010

Jeffrey Blackman provided me with excellent representation when I found myself in a legal situation that had the potential of doing significant damage to me professionally. I have unfortunately learned there are people who turn non-events into legal matters just because they can. Mr. Blackman comprehended my situation from the get go. His forthright no nonsense communication style as well as his years of experience as an attorney combined with his understanding of the law turned this legal matter back into a non-event. Mr. Blackman is organized, thorough and pays attention to detail. He keeps his clients informed. I definitely recommend at least a consultation with him.I believe he will honestly tell you if he can handle your case.

By placidadimaio - Jun 23, 2010

I had the miss fortune of recieving a traffic violation that I felt was unfair and exaggerated. I was very lucky to find Mr. Blackman by just searching the web for an attorney that could handle my case. After a brief phone conversation and an office visit Mr. Blackman started working on my case. He’s very professional and hard working. Mr. Blackman is straight forward and honest about what to expect and most important “what not to expect”. After just a few weeks and many phone conversations with the county attorney about my case, Mr. Blackman not only met my expectation but far exceeded them. If your looking for an honest, hard working professional who’s an attribute to the laws they uphold then this is your attorney… Thank you for all your hard work Mr. Blackman

By rlonbeck74 - Jun 17, 2010

I have dealt with Jeffrey on 2 different cases and both times he exceeded my expectations. He stayed in constant communication with me making sure I was always aware of what was going on with my case. He was honest with what my probable outcome would be but never settled. He sought every possible approach to resolving my situation and put my mind at ease. I felt comfortable letting him handle my legal situation while I got my life back together. He was able to provide me with a better than best case scenario and I am extremely satisfied with what I got for my money. I know from personal experience that Jeffrey is a stand up guy and will be the FIRST person I go to for legal help in the future. A true gentleman that will work for your money and deliver unmatched service.You will not regret hiring him.

By Aaron - Jun 10, 2010

Jeffrey Blackman is a thorough, even-tempered, and reasonable attorney. He represented me for my very complicated divorce, and has done so fairly and professionally, and at reasonable cost. I interviewed several other attorneys in town and found Jeffrey to be the best suited to my case because of his attention to detail, solid communication skills, and extensive knowledge of the law. I think that anyone seeking an attorney who wants to know whether Jeffrey can serve them well should skip the reviews here and examine his 30-year record of success for his clients and his good reputation with the courts. I highley recommend Jeffrey to be your attorney.

By Stephanie - May 30, 2010

Due to unfortunate circumstances and bad decisions, my fiance recieved his 2nd DUI and was looking at some serious time. We found Jeffrey by pure luck. JEFFREY was an awesome attorney from the start. He was able to get a plea deal that cost us thousands of dollars less in fines and jail time, than anyone else could offer us. He was straight forward with us from the beginning. He was even able to significantly reduce jail time. It went from a second Extreme DUI to a regular DUI. JEFFREY is amazing. He also talked the judge into waving the majority of the jail time cost. Any doubts we had about hiring an attorney were gone within the first half hour of meeting with him. He was also very reasonably priced. He would call regularly to check our progress and still calls to check up on our well being. I have absolutely NO REGRETS about hiring Jeffrey and would do so again if wee needed to. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE!!!!!! Fred and Marie C.

By badgirl691967 - Mar 19, 2010

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