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My name is Jeffrey Blackman and
I am an attorney and counselor
at law who has been providing
Quality Representation to Tucson
for over 47 years!

I became an attorney because I believe in justice, freedom and every person’s right to have the protections guaranteed to us as citizens of the United States of America.

MY MISSIONEveryone Deserves Competent Affordable Representation

AREAS OF EXPERTISEJeffrey Blackman counsels and Represents on
a Full Range of Legal Services

Felony Defense

Felony Defense

Felony Defense
Knowing the laws and statutes and how they apply to every potential case is crucial to a proper defense.
DUI Defense

DUI Defense

DUI Defense
Get convicted of a DUI and you are facing jail or prison time, enormous fines, license suspension, classes, counseling.
Misdemeanor Defense

Misdemeanor Defense

Misdemeanor Defense
Misdemeanor crimes still come with serious consequences when being prosecuted; jail, fines, probation, to name the three most prevalent.

Mr. Blackman was helpful
from day one...

Mr. Blackman was helpful from day one. He reached out to me by email and phone on a weekly basis and answered my questions promptly. He worked with me for months and was a great lawyer to have on my side. He was committed to my case, determined to see that I wasn’t charged with a crime. I highly recommend having Jeffrey as a lawyer.


Mr. Blackman was instrumental in
helping with our daughter's case..

Mr. Blackman was instrumental in helping with our daughter’s case. He was professional and demonstrated great knowledge and experience. He made the process less stressful and expedited a positive outcome. We would highly recommend Mr. Blackman for your legal needs.

Tom B.

Mr. Blackman is an
outstanding attorney...

Mr. Blackman is an outstanding attorney. He handled my case with honesty, efficiency and extraordinary knowledge. Anyone looking for an attorney with exemplary credentials, he is the best of the best.


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