DUI/DWI – Whether you call it driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, it’s a nightmare. Jail or prison time, enormous fines, license suspension, attending the MADD program, going through an alcohol or drug evaluation, classes, counseling. Over .08 you get 2 charges, over .15 three and over .20 four. One prior conviction ups the punishment. Two prior convictions and you’re charged with a felony, looking at a mandatory minimum 4 months in prison. Folks think that by cooperating with law enforcement when they’re stopped they’re helping them selves. This isn’t so. Certainly, cooperate by giving your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance.

However, you DO NOT have to do any of the so called Field Sobriety Tests. Don’t do the eye test, the walk and turn nor the one leg stand. Assert your constitutional protections and don’t answer questions. Law enforcement is gathering evidence to convict you with. Don’t be intimidated nor bullied into cooperating. The one exception is the giving of blood, breath or urine, if requested. If you refuse you’re looking at a one year license suspension. And, after you refuse, law enforcement will contact a judge, get a search warrant and draw your blood. I have handled a great many of these cases for almost 40 years and will help you in every way I can. If an error was made that can help you out of this situation, we will find it.

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