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August 2, 2013

when i was a younger man i tried them all

brut, english leather, bay rum

you name it

i tried dozens in my late teens and early 20s

i found that what i liked the best was old spice cologne

and i’ve been using it regularly for over 40 years

the last time i went to buy a bottle, the bottle had been changed

(years ago the bottle went from glass to plastic)

the new bottle has a spray nozzle

i tried calling the president of the corporation

i was told by the switch board at proctor and gamble that calls weren’t permitted

i could only write a letter

so i mailed and facsed a letter to the ceo

first i got an email back from “the team” thanking me for my interest in their products

it assured me that my opinion was very important to them

weeks later i received an anonymous letter from some part of this corporation stating pretty much the same thing

what a bunch of crap

an american corporation making a product for american men that doesn’t give half a rat’s kazubie what american men think

so i bought a new bottle

pulled the new top off with a pliers

so i can continue to use the product

if i, as an attorney, treated the public the way that way proctor and gamble treated me

i would be on the corner selling apples

what is this illness in our country with our corporations

i think of david crosby singing that we have to speak out against the madness

we do

don’t ever stop

A blue square with the letter j and b in it.