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February 17, 2014

The internet makes me a moving target for cowardly;unscrupulous people who want to tarnish my good name while hiding in anonymity

I am referring to poisoness reviews on the internet

There’s one on something called Yelp

Some one, claiming to be a man with a first name yet only an initial for a last name, trashes me

Is he a man?

Is that his real name?

I have no idea who this is nor what he (?) is talking about

Yet there it is for the entire planet to read

I wrote to Yelp

They wrote back, stating that unless I sue this unknown person and get a judgment stating that what he wrote is libel that they won’t do a thing to protect my good name

There are three positive reviews on Yelp

Yet you have a hard time finding them

So if you google Jeffrey Blackman Tucson, what you’ll see when you scroll down to Yelp is 1 star and bile instead of 4 stars and praise

As a gentleman and a scholar who busts his butt doing his best for all his clients, this computer tripe is grossly offensive to me

I am answerable to the State Bar of Arizona, the Courts, my clients and my sense of right and wrong.

I prefer not to be stabbed in the back by varlets

If you haven’t read Harlan Ellison’s I Have No Mouth and I must Scream I suggest that you do

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