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One day, when I was 24, it hit me that if I didn't do something soon that I was going to spend the rest of my life working for someone else who was going to determine my salary, the hours I work, how I had to dress, the length of my hair and, most importantly of all, what I had to do and how I had to do it. Knowing that this would not work for me I knew it was time to pick a profession where I could help people, be my own boss and make a decent living. I decided to become an attorney, which turned out to be an excellent choice.

My grades in college were okay yet it was my scoring on the Law School Admissions Test that got me into law school. My over all score put me in the top 10% of the country, my math score in the top 1000th of the country. So I went to law school and have now been an attorney for 40 Years. It is my clients who have made this possible for me, the people who have trusted me over the decades to navigate them through the often times murky and uncertain waters of the law, the people who have paid me for my time, skill and knowledge, the people without whom I would not be able to ply my trade. My deepest thanks to all my clients, past, present and future, to allow me to serve them and to use my wits in the thickets of the law.

There is little that an attorney can guarantee. I can guarantee each and every one of my clients that she or he will get 110% from me, that I will do everything that I can do to help, that I will be available when needed and that I genuinely care about what happens in each and every case which I handle.