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Jeffrey Blackman is ready to defend his clients in a variety of legal matters. The law offices of Jeffery Blackman offer counsel and quality representation in such issues as paternity suits, protective orders, severance, animal law, appeals, trials, felonies, rule 32 petitions, as well as forfeiture cases and reckless driving to name but a few. This highly regarded and seasoned law professional stands ready to protect client's rights in litigation where justice and freedom are at stake. Tucson area residents searching for an attorney who truly cares about his clients will be pleased to discover the services of Jeffery Blackman.

This is a criminal defense lawyer who understands the intricacies of the law and knows best how to proceed in each and every case that he accepts. This is also a criminal defense lawyer that digs deep for important evidence and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to getting clients a fair and equitable outcome or trial. Law can be a complicated subject and having the right representation at the right time is key to having a successful outcome in any lawsuit or legal case. Jeffery Blackman understands these basic tenants of law and is ready to assist clients when they need help the most.

The law offices of Jeffery Blackman understand client's needs and acts accordingly to assist those clients when they need a dependable and trustworthy attorney at law. As an attorney who has been practicing law in the Tucson area for more than 36 years, Jeffery Blackman knows his way around a courtroom and knows the best avenues that will ensure a favorable outcome for his clients. In addition, this remarkable law office offers reasonable and affordable rates for clients seeking quality legal representation at a fair and just price. Few other law firms in the Tucson Arizona region can deliver the high quality legal services that Jeffery Blackman is so well known for delivering. Contact the Law offices of Jeffery Blackman and put your mind at ease.