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I have been handling domestic relations cases since the beginning of my career. Having gone through a divorce my self, I am well aware of how difficult a time this can be. In many aspects, it's as if someone you love has died. Not literally, but figuratively. It is a period of great, and often painful, change. It affects you in every aspect of your life. I tell all my domestic clients to try, at all times, to follow a few simple guidelines: eat, sleep, exercise and spend time doing things and being with people who bring you joy. I also try to teach my clients how to turn off their internal dialogue, the tape, if you will, that we often play in our heads, over and over, which can drive us to distraction. Running the tape wears you down. Turning it off rechannels all the energy being devoted to it to something much more nurturing. I suggest the reading of

How to Survive the Loss of a Love, a book that you can easily acquire, a book that I read during my struggle that helped me to find peace. I am a compassionate man and will do all that I can, as an attorney and as a human being, to guide you through your dissolution of marriage.