April 14, 2020:

My name is Jeffrey Blackman

From Tucson USA

Lincoln was taken from us

155 years ago today

Abraham Lincoln

I miss you

In these days so lacking hues

America and I both need you

To cure the coronavirus blues

A leader wise and caring

Who puts the people first

Seeking different views

A gentleman a listener

To help bring welcome news

A bully runs our country

He doesn’t care about you and me

Just monied folks who pay his dues

The rest mere human fodder

In this time of coronavirus blues

A bully ruins our country

The land and animals cry

Disaster our daily cues

Old folks sacrificed to die

Gasp their last coronavirus blues

If he was still among us

No doubt of what he’d say

Good words of faith and healing

To help us find our way

Words to bind us and to inspire

To give hope that we will not loose

How to pull together as partners

In these days of coronavirus blues

With honor, dignity and kindness

With vision, calmness and introspection

With honesty, charity and compassion

With dedication, resolve and love